Database Development Services

.NET, Access, VBA automation, HTML, Java

Providing automation and data management services for small businesses, non-profits and scientific researchers since 2006.

Success You Can Trust

My programs and websites are in use in chemical production and research facilities throughout BC, providing workflow automation and statistical calculators as well as sample and data management. Researchers and small businesses appreciate that I bring a strong scientific background to the table (BSc in Biochemistry and ten years of lab experience) while providing fast, effective and affordable service that is precisely customized to your needs.


Agile approach

I provide database development and web development packages that are 100% customized, and unlike other software options you can purchase your own source code with the package.  I build as much or as little data management as you want, and ensure that data formats allow you to easily access and control your source database.  In small business networks, you can install my .NET programs and retrieve or enter data on any computer within your network, with accompanying testing and deployment services.



Windows cross-compatible .NET, Excel VBA, HTML, Java, MS Access, mySQL




Last updated:  12-March-2011